Spy Invisible Mini Earpiece Induction Rechargeable Wireless Magnetic Earphone Neckloop with SOS Foot Button

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This is very easy to use and versatile device and sold only by


It could be used with any Cellphone  or Smartphone with 3.5 mm jack and any MP3 player. Compatible with any modern Smartphone including iPhone and Android devices. Device could be used with external SOS Foot Button or Very sensitive High Gain external Microphone.  Device also has very sensitive built in Microphone.  You can use simulteneously SOS Button on a very long cable and Built-in Microphone.

Use the Covert Signal button to signal – for example, one tap for YES, two taps for NO. Please listen SOS beep sound.

You can also plug in external High Gain Microphone  and hide it in your sleeve or anywhere on your body. This device is good for both types of exams: Oral and Written. So you are in full control of your exams!

Why this voice and SOS communication kit  is better than other devices on the market?
1. Audio device has best crystal clear sound.
2. Has External Microphone which could be hidden on your body or your sleeve. SOS signal  could be heard by your assistant.

  1. Has low power consumption and lasts 3.5-5 hours.
    4. Does not have Bluetooth device, which could be spotted by other device and consumes more energy.
    5. Works with any phone or MP3 player.
    6. Automatically answers incoming phone calls!!!! You do not need to do a thing. This feature will be explained in detail.
    7. 4 x Earpieces do not require any battery and it’s not possible to hear them from outside.
    8. It has very sensitive microphone. Use it when it safe for you only!!!
    9. On top of it the wireless headset mini earpiece kit could be used with any MP3 player.


Amplified phone neck-loop equipped with 3 Watt audio amplifier.
Compact design and slim size. Hidden indicators.
Anti detection function. Turn off power to avoid detection and keep conversation active.

New and exclusive design build in September 2018.
Compact design and slim size.
Soft TEP cable loop great for long time operation.

Extreme 3 watt output power, volume is adjustable.
Effective inductive cable loop.
Applicable to all kinds of wireless invisible earpieces.
Build-in high sensitive 38dB gain microphone.

Optimized power switch.
Turn off power to avoid earpiece detection, and phone conversation is still active.
Simply press the round answer button to receive phone calls.
Hidden power and recharge indicator is on right side panel.

4 hours hearing time and much longer time for talking.
High capacity 230mah rechargeable lithium battery.
Each pack includes recharge cable and USB charger.

Super mini spy earpiece.
Smallest wireless ear piece in the world.
Made of high quality material.
No battery required.

Magnetic earpieces should be inserted deep in the ear canal.
Please refer to sketch on left side.

Please clean ear canals before inserting earpieces.
If ear canal is wet or waxy it will be hard to take earpiece out.
Put picker into ear canal to remove earpiece.


1) To avoid pushing earpiece too deep, use original picker to take earpiece out.
2) Seek medical assistance if unable to remove earpiece.

Operation Guide.

1) Put magnetic ear pieces in your ears
2) Connect amplified phone neck-loop to mobile phone or mp3 player same as regular earphone headset. Turn on power on neck-loop module. Play music or make a phone call, you will hear voices in earbuds and talk with partner through microphone in neck-loop module.

3) According to your preference plug use either Built in or External Microphone.

Hint: You can setup you mobile phone to Automatically accept incoming calls when audio set is connect. Please refer to your Cell phone User Manual.

Package includes:

1 x  amplified neck-loop (skin color)
3 x Spy invisible earpieces
1 x USB charging cable.

1 x SOS Foot Button on 78 inch or 2 m cable.

1 x External Microphone on 20 inch or 0.5 m cable.
1 x USB charger. This device also could be charged from your PC or laptop USB port.
1 x  PDF user manual in English + 1 x PDF user manual how to prepare Audio notes of your exam + 1 x PDF user Manual on how to turn you Android Smartphone in Spy camera and remotely watch video and take photos.

9 reviews for Spy Invisible Mini Earpiece Induction Rechargeable Wireless Magnetic Earphone Neckloop with SOS Foot Button

  1. Albert K.

    First let me say that the seller is awesome! Shipping was quick(less than 2days fI don’t know what I would do without spy earpiece set at the end of the last semester in college. I found a job some days before exams so I had NO time for getting ready for the exams as well as I always did. Thanks to the spy earpiece now I have a good job and I finished the college as a top student in my group! Thank you so much!..

  2. Martin B.

    Telling the truth, I’ve chosen this set because it is the cheapest one, but I don’t regret at all! The spy earphone feels comfortable, and can be worn easily for long periods of time. I would recommend it best deal your gonna find.

  3. Bob S.

    Received in discreet flight box.Thanks for sending my set with such urgency, it came next day, just in time. SOS button works good. earpiece sounds very clear. Promise to give more detailes after the exam. Wish me good luck;)

  4. Jack P.


  5. Marion B.

    I would highly recommend buying from this vender.
    I received my spy earpiece set and was impressed. worth the overall quality. Unbelievable! so i confirm that it cannot be noticed when inside your ear. hope to pass my test easily with this super tool. thnx for perfect service!.

  6. Arnold C.

    I like everything about this. This set is my 1st thanks to its absolutely unsuspicious design. And many thanks for a good discount!

  7. Blake C

    I’m writing you as promised. I passed the exam with this and my impression is 100% positive. I could hear my friend clearly, the earpiece felt comfortable in the ear and worked well from the beginning to the end. Thank you for giving me recommendations. You are very helpful and nice)

  8. Anatoly H.

    It’s been my third purchase at but definitely my best one) I can simply say, Im just amazed by the quality of this product. I had many spy sets before, but this truly indeed is my pick of them! I used it both for writing and listening to my friend, AMAZING!.

  9. Tom G.

    Love it really good for 7th graders and An absolutely wonderful aid to better understanding

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