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Hide your Smartphone inside of a calculator. Use it for live video and photos. For transmitting and receiving files. Step by step instructions from and
Although technology has changed over time, communicating with friends during class remains a top priority for students in every classroom! Best friends have been passing notes behind their teachers back for longer than we can remember! Now, with cellphones, texting is a daily and even necessary habit, bringing us closer than ever to the people we love talking to most. Many teachers and schools have been reacting with strict no-phone classroom policies but these rules aren’t foolproof. Here are 10 Ways you can sneak your phone into class.

The everyday items used in your classes can quickly be turned into secret hiding spots! Keep your phone hidden in a calculator case for easy access texting in class. Your calculator can be altered to store your phone so your teacher won’t even think to check if your material is really just your phone in disguise!

Body language gives away a lot too, so if you want to know what’s trending or who just sent you a snap, make sure your eyes stay focused on the front of the class and you limit your reactions to the messages you’re secretly receiving.
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