GSM BOX ID Credit Card Earpiece Spy Wireless Bluetooth Hidden Mini IMEI 4.5W for exam

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The device is basically a cellphone with call autoanswering function and wireless invisible speaker.

It could be also used with your cellphone as a Bluetooth Device. In this case you do not need any SIM CARD.

The GSM Card Module used for safe and covert communications

  • Commnication: Wireless Mode  and Bluetooth Mode
  • Model Number: GSM 330L  
  • Weight: 30g | 0.9 Lbs 
  • Style: in-ear  
  • Distance from GSM Card to earpiece: 30-80cm | 1-3 ft
  • Thinckness: 6.5mm | 0.25″
  • Usage: Mobile  
  • Band: 850/900/1800/1900  
  • Colors: yellow,blue,red,black,golden  
  • 3 in1 GSM-ID-Card ; 85x50x4.5mm;  3-5h talking time; Two-way covert communication via mobile phone networks.

  • Quad-Band GSM Credit Card Box now is powered by new 4 Watt audio amplifier and now offers more powerful audio signal.

  • GSM Module allows you to communicate without any mobile phone. Just insert any SIM Card in the device.
  • The most popular Spy Invisible Skin Earpiece. During use you will enjoy advantages of loud micro speaker, clear audio.
  • Earpiece have build-in mini receiver (speaker).
  • The micro wireless invisible earpiece has an optimal anatomic design. Even inexperienced users can easily wear it.

Operation Guide
1) Insert earpiece into any ear canal.
2) Delete any PIN code from SIM card.  SIM card must be without any PIN code. Insert the SIM card into the GSM Module and Power up the device.
3) Hide Credit Card Device as close as possible to your ears and ask your assistant to make a phone call to phone number of the SIM card.  Credit Card Device will automatically  accept incoming call and earpiece will receive audio signal and transmit to your ear.

Low power alarm
GSM Card will alarm before battery power is running low and turn off automatically.
You will hear “dong..dong..dong” sounds in earpiece, and red LED light will flash two times if battery power is low.

Features of super smallest earpiece

super smallest earpieceSuper Small Spy Earpiece
The most popular micro spy invisible earpiece.
Featured by high efficiency, stability and reliability.
Its completely invisible after put into ear canal deeply.

two color earpiece - black and beige2 Colors are available
Beige Earpiece with Black End.
Full body beige color.
The invisible earpiece is with an optimum anatomic design.

clear sound qualityClear Sound
You can enjoy advantages of stable micro speaker.
Clear audio voice output and hidden skin color.
They are build-in mini receiver and also have high quality inductive coil.

use super mini earpieceEarpieces should be worn deeply in the ear canal
Please refer to sketch on left side.
Please clean ear canal before inserting the earpiece.
If ear canal is wet or waxy it will be hard to take earpiece out.
Pick out earpiece from ear canal with the handle.

Key features of new amplified GSM Credit Card Device

3watt powerUpgraded design and enhanced inductive power
Build-in 4 Watt F class audio amplifier.
Drives all kinds of wireless earpieces.
Volume is adjustable from volume buttons in left side panel.

batteryMore hour hearing time according to real tests
Get longer battery life in phone conversation.
High capacity and rechargeable 720mah lithium battery.
USB cable to recharge the device.

Compact design with slim size
Quad-Band GSM Module is compatible with all mobile networks.
Hidden light indicator positioned  near volume control.

Quick Start Guide:
Step 1> Insert battery into earpiece
Open battery case of earpiece by lift protuberant part. Make sure “+” side will face to thread and then close battery cap.
Note: After loading battery the earpiece will start operating. Do not load battery in wrong position.
If you load battery wrongly in the earpiece, the battery case might  broken or battery might  stuck inside of the earpiece.

Step 2> Earpiece insertion
1> Clean ear canal by a cotton swab.
2> Load earpiece into ear canal horizontally for maximize signal reception.  Thread Handle is better in down position for easy take out.
3> Put earpiece into canal deeply until its invisible.
Please take out earpiece and remove battery after usage.

Quick Start

Step 1> Erase PIN code of SIM card. Inset SIM card in mobile phone and delete any PIN code. The SIM Card must be without any PIN Code.

Step 2> Insert SIM card into GSM Credit Card  Module and Power up the device.

Step 3> Posistion Credir Card Device as closer to ear as possible.

Step 4> Test and use neckloop
Once connected to mobile network, device automatically will accept any incoming call. The volume can be adjusted via the volume control on the card.

Bluetooth Mode
Step 1> Pair with your mobile phone
Put Bluetooth Box in pairing mode
Power up the Bluetooth Box  and then press and hold Bluetooth switch for 6-10 seconds until indicator turn on and start flashing.

Step 2> Put Mobile phone in pairing mode
1) Go to mobile phone panel, turn on Bluetooth function and search for new Bluetooth device.
2) Select New bluetooth device then press OK or YES.
3) Enter password 0000 and press OK.
* Once paired, indicator light will change from flashing mode to steady blue.

Step 3> Hide GSM Box in on your body.
Step 4> Test and use device
Once connected to mobile network, device automatically will accept any incoming call. The volume can be adjusted via the volume control on the card.

Package Content:
  • 100% Brand New Spy Earpiece Kit
  • 1x Earpiece Set – One Spy Earpiece, One Battery SR416SW
  • 1x 4 Watt GSM Amplifier Credit Card GSM box
  • 1x USB Cable For Charging
  • We ship by DHL  Worldwide. Express Delivery, Fast & Safe!

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