3 mm or 1/8″ Invisible Amplified Spherical Earpiece kit with removal tool

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Invisible Amplified Spherical Earpiece

  Louder than ordinary standard Earpieces plug!

Invisible Spherical  Wireless earpieces are our premium amplified headsets which allow you to hear voices clearer and much clearer than the ordinary headphones included to each set. They are compatible with all of our models including MP3 set. They are made from special padded skin-friendly material, which provides  compact fit into the ear, the sound is louder for up to 1.5 times compared with our ordinary earpieces.
Notice: These earpieces are an accessory to our different models, and the package only includes two earpieces without the module neck-loop, microphone. These have to be ordered separately.

                               Why this Earpiece kit special and unique?

This earpiece is unidirectional, not like other earpieces and sold only on

So sound transmitted only if the spherical ball touches your ear drum. 100% that nobody can hear it. No any  goes outside of the ear canal.

This unique feature will greatly enhance your safety.

Nobody will be able to hear you from outside!!! The earpiece is 1.5 times louder because of it’s design.                                    They are 100% invisible in your ears.

Earpiece insertion/removal tool made of soft transparent skin-friendly silicon, which you could insert safely. Magnetic piece will attract small earpiece easily. It’s invisible: you could secretly reposition your earpiece during any Exam. It’s small and compact and foldable!!!

         Before Earpiece inserted                                                                             After Earpiece inserted

                       How does it work?

Earpieces are completely invisible magnetic receivers and fit in your ear and are completely unnoticeable. The Magnetic Spy Earpiece requires No Battery! – they are passive receivers that reproduce audio and get power through the inductive neck loop. They are a strong passive magnet, receiving the audio signal through magnetic vibration from the neck loop that acts as a transmitter and do not require any battery. The micro earpiece, once it is in your ear, cannot be heard by anyone else but you.
You can here if it only in full contact with your eardrum!!! The Micro Earpieces are also waterproof thus are easily cleaned under running water! They are compatible with all of our models including MP3 -SET…

How to put Spherical Magnetic Earpiece into your ear canal

  • Magnetic earpieces should be put deeply in  ear canal.

Please look at this sketch

Please clean ear canal before inserting the ear piece. If ear canal is wet or waxy it will be hard to take earpiece out.
Position your head parallel to the floor.  Drop the Spherical  earpiece  in the ear canal so you will  hear small bang on your ear drum. That  means that the earpiece hit your eardrum and earpiece was injected correctly.

Put earpiece removal tool into ear canal to remove earpiece. Never use two earpieces in the same ear, put one in each ear.

Kit contains:

  •  2 x advanced unidirectional earpieces, Dimensions are 3 mm in diameter  or 0.14 inch in diameter.
  •  1 x earpiece insertion/removal tool.

5 reviews for 3 mm or 1/8″ Invisible Amplified Spherical Earpiece kit with removal tool

  1. Jacob muñoz

    Works well as intended, haven’t found any problems yet. it is GREAT and works well.

  2. Lok’tar Ogar

    quite good according to works as expected , sound is normal and perfect for what i wanted. everything works perfectly.

  3. EJtheQuick

    It is very good but as a student. Annual subscription it is too much for us, because we need the steps more than the solution itself.

  4. Aaron

    These are great. I wish it can be free so I can see the full problem solved. I really love it!

  5. Kyle Cantrell

    Works just as well as the earpiece ones. the volume is pretty quiet. If you’re looking for discrete communication, it’s what this product will give you. If you’re looking for wireless headphones. Five stars only because it really should come with good quality.

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