Bluetooth Spy Inductive Earpiece Neckloop with MP3 player and SOS button functions

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Bluetooth Neckloop with SOS Button Instruction Manual

The amplified Bluetooth neck loop is equipped with 3.5 Watt amplifier,  MUTE function and SOS Button.

SOS button beep sound:

Mute button allows you  easily cut off audio output when you do not need it. After pressing the mute button no signal will be transmitted to earpiece and phone conversation is still online. SOS function helps you to send  signal without saying a word. The radius of magnetic field created by inductive coil is approx 35cm or 13″. You should wear the neck loop around your neck.

If invisible earpiece is within magnetic filed, you will always hear clear sounds. Please note that you can also buy upgraded PRO earpiece, with better sound quality.

– Compatible with any phone model which has the Bluetooth function, including Iphone, Android and etc
– between the base of the neck and the ear there is no wire
– phone can be placed at a maximum 10 meters distance from the Bluetooth
– charging time  for the Bluetooth device is ~2 hours
– you can answer, end call or redial the last number directly from your Bluetooth
– Bluetooth has a highly sensitive microphone

How to use:

1) Press the power button
2) Pair Bluetooth with cellphone. Device will appear as BT LiNK.
3) Enter password “0000” and press OK
4) Wear Neck Loop around your neck
5) Put  wireless earpieces into ears

Package content:

1.   2 x Magnetic wireless earpiece diameter 3 mm
2.   2 x Magnetic wireless earpiece diameter 5 mm
3.   1 x Removal rod
4.   1 x Bluetooth neck loop
5.   1 x USB Charging cable
6.   1 x Charger
1 x  user manual in English PDF (download Bluetooth Neckloop with SOS Button Instruction Manual )

15 reviews for Bluetooth Spy Inductive Earpiece Neckloop with MP3 player and SOS button functions

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    Nice .Great idea.

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    I purchased two sets from the seller. Very glad I did it. It is so rewarding)))

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    All. Okay one small advice: buy premium earpieces for the best sound

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    Good thing. Helped on the occasion.

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    Hi guys. I want to share my experience.Preparation is the king.

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    Nice gadget. Thanks..

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    All in all, It is very helpful, Loving it.

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    Thanks a lot. its exactly great. I love it straight to the point.

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    Great. it is really helpful to help your exam.

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    I recommend it. Take your time in developing new trickl Take care of it, and it will take care of you.

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    I’m giving it a 5 star rating, Its better to buy it than paying for steps, Really helps.

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    works perfect for me

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    Exactly as described and delivered on time.

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    Awesome because it helps you with my work, Useful but think you can do better overall, great item works,

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