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Use like a normal scientific calculator when desired

Connect to the Internet and read Search Engine Results for any query you like

Chat with an iOS or Android Device anywhere in the world

Chat with another Spy Calculator up to 20 meters away

 Chat with a PC or Mac anywhere in the world

Switch mode to your favorite keyboard style. Chat away

Store up to 300,000 words of text notes and up to 30 files in the SPY TEXT  Calculator for storage. Use the RXO Chat App to load text files onto the calculator

 Peel off our Logo Sticker to reveal a normal looking scientific calculator

Feature Set

  • Web Search. Search the internet and read the search engine results page from your calculator.
  • Chat with both iOS and Android Devices:
    • Android is supported on devices running software version 5.0+. Download the free App “RXO Chat” from the Play Store.
    • iOS Platform: Download the free “RXO Chat” app
  • Chat with other SPY TEXT Calculators.
  • Chat with a PC or Mac using the RXO Chat Web App.
  • Text File storage of up to 300,000 words and 30 separate files.
  • Scientific Calculator functionality accurate to six significant figures.
  • Password protection of Message Mode to ensure privacy for the user.
  • Easy cycling through received messages to ensure that long messages can be read with ease.
  • Supports receiving, sending and storing a large range of special characters in addition to alphanumeric characters. Check below Calculator User Manual for details.
  • Powered from AAA Alkaline batteries. One set of heavy duty Alkaline batteries will last 12 hours.
  • Auto-Scrolling through stored text files. Enabling the auto-scroll feature will cause the calculator to automatically scroll through text files at a predefined speed.
  • Emergency/Panic button. This button will lock all advanced functionality of the calculator and turn it back into a normal calculator once again until the password is re-entered.

Please download and read the user manual for a detailed description on how to use the calculator.


Download User Manual

Calculator Manual


Kit will include free Alkaline battery pack


  1. Kyle H.

    First let me say that the seller is awesome! ,Packing was excellent,.So good! Zero chance any one would ever suspect this calculator. Looks 100% like any an authentic scientific calculator. A++.

  2. Marvin W.

    This is so bad for my future hahahaha. Works great.I would recommend it best deal your gonna find.

  3. Dominic R.

    Received in discreet box. I procrastinated a while before pulling the trigger on this one, but I’m 100% happy I did now. I still believe in studying but some teachers make BS tests that I’ll never need to know in real life

    And the normal calculator functions are fine. Does the job

  4. Derek H

    Received. The calculator is very high quality.Happy days now…

  5. Marion B.

    I would highly recommend buying from this vender.Awesome. Zero complaints. Ad was accurate..

  6. Aaron D.

    I was completely satisfied with my purchase. Nothing negative to report about it really.Good quality. Well made. Only wish would be being able to calculators at the same time..

  7. Jesus S

    Thanks a lot. My dream came true.Haha I love this me and my mate use this lol.

  8. Tyler W.

    Great. it is very helpful and releases stress

  9. Troy V.

    Brilliant. Slightly , amazing it helps with all your math problems.

  10. danielle dougherty

    This is the best math gadget ever it has helped me with all of my questions.

  11. nari lee-manuel

    The best tool for someone who wants something accurate for solving problems

  12. vsdvda

    I can greatly appreciate this calculator, it has truly helped me out!

  13. Samantha Stever

    Very useful for exam purpose, Amazing. Saved me and helped me with my last mathematics exam . I’m FREE! Definitely recommend

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